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Single Bin Trash/Recycle Center $149.00
Dual Bin Trash/Recycle Center $179.00
(all sizes include shipping)

Consumers today are becoming more eco-conscious and the Slide-A-Shelf heavy-duty Trash/Recycle Center is perfect for maximizing space and managing your household trash to help protect the environment.

Both units include an integrated 35 quart tall kitchen waste bin(s) with optional flip-top covers and can be used with many brands of waste liners available at most retailers. The bins are easy to remove for cleaning and sanitizing.

Because Slide-A-Shelf specializes in made-to-fit storage and organization solutions, for either unit, the larger the width measurement over the minimum required opening...up to the maximum...the more storage space you will have for the various household items you may want to store. i.e. extra trash liners or disinfectants. This will maximize available storage space.

The Trash/Recycle Center installs in minutes to the cabinet base with just a screwdriver (install template provided).

The base utilizes full extension steel ball bearing rails rated for 100 lbs. and feature wood construction fabricated with the same materials used to build quality cabinets.

You will be thrilled with the durable easy-to-clean components and wrap-around 7 ply Baltic birch construction featuring a tough UV cured clear poly-urethane finish.

Like the Multi-Tier Towers and Double DekTM System our Trash/Recycle Centers require interior cabinet space that is totally clear of any obstacles such as gas or electrical lines, protruding outlets or plumbing. Measurements will include clear opening width, height and interior depth of entire cabinet interior space1 with the following limits:

• Minimum width - 12 inches
• Maximum width - 24 inches
• Minimum interior depth - 20 inches
• Maximum interior depth- 24 inches

• Minimum width - 17 inches
• Maximum width - 24 inches
• Minimum interior depth - 22¾ inches
• Maximum interior depth - 24 inches

• Minimum height from flush floor of cabinet to top/frame of cabinet opening - 19½ inches
• Maximum height - (same condition) - N/A
   - opening height can be taller, but tower height is 20” max

Please note -
1 Adjustments in width measurements may be necessary depending on hinge style and location.

The Slide-A-Shelf Trash/Recycle Center is ideal for just about any cabinet that you would like to dedicate to household waste management and/or trash recycling.

If you have a wide enough opening you can even mount two units side by side and really separate your waste items. For double door cabinets we recommend limiting the width to the opening of a single door, but assuming a totally clear interior space the unit can be wider. (Please review the Dimension Specifications for limitations.)

Although designed for kitchens, the single bin version could also work well in a bathroom if the vanity cabinet can accommodate the height and depth.

In some cases existing fixed or adjustable shelving must be removed to make room for the unit. For permanent shelving construction, be prepared to saw and break existing shelf into pieces for removal to clear the space.

These units use glide rail systems that are easily secured to the flat floor of your cabinet(s). You will need to be careful when measuring to be certain you have the proper clearances.

Trash/Recycle Unit

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