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Sink Caddy Unit  $129.00
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Here is an enhanced made-to-fit slide-out unit that provides a little extra storage space...taking advantage of lost space typically under sinks in the kitchen, laundry and bath.

Our sink caddy unit offers an add-on ʻcaddy boxʼ that is 7” wide, 16” deep and 3” tall. Ideal for all those smaller items that tend to get lost in the deep dark recesses of your cabinets. Now theyʼll be within easy reach just below counter level!

The sink caddy shelf units install in minutes to the cabinet base with just a screwdriver (install template provided). The support panel can be secured to either the right or left side of the slide-out/cabinet and the caddy is adjustable up and down to accommodate the items you store.

The shelf utilizes full extension steel ball bearing rails rated for 100 lbs. and feature wood construction fabricated with the same materials used to build quality cabinets. You can even choose from four solid wood fronts to complement your cabinets and/or decor. (Oak, Maple, Poplar, Birch)

You will be thrilled with the durable easy-to-clean shelf base and tapered, wrap-around 7 ply Baltic birch sides. They are the industryʼs tallest for a standard shelf and have a tough UV cured poly-urethane finish.

The base slide-out shelf of a Sink Caddy unit is manufactured in 1/8” increments 1 for cabinet clear openings 2 with the following limits:

• Minimum width - 18 inches
• Maximum width - 36 inches
• Minimum interior depth - 16¾ inches
• Maximum interior depth - 24 inches
• Minimum height from floor of cabinet to top/frame of cabinet opening - 14 inches
• Maximum height (same condition) - 25 inches
• Clearance to obstacle (typically drain pipe) must be at least 9 inches from the edge of the opening right or left

Please note -
1 For the depth you will provide us with the exact clear measurement also to the nearest 1/8 inch however we will manufacture to the most optimum 1 inch increment to maximize rail length and shelf extension.
2 Adjustments in width measurements may be necessary depending on hinge style and location.

The Slide-A-Shelf Sink Caddy unit is designed for under sink base cabinets in kitchens, wet bars and vanity cabinets in bathrooms. They are also perfect for cabinets in the laundry room. (Please review the Dimension Specifications for limitations.)

Occasionally customers report additional unique applications where they have cabinet restrictions/obstacles and need extra storage space.

The Sink Caddy product uses glide rail systems that are easily secured to the flat floor of your cabinet(s). You will need to be careful when measuring to be certain you have the proper clearance for the caddy box unit.

Sink Caddy Unit

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