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Two-Tier Tower $149.00*
Three-Tier Tower $169.00
(all sizes include shipping)

Ideal for those very narrow cabinets where it is almost impossible to reach the items you store, our made-to-fit Mutli-Tier Towers are a dream storage solution. You can now make valuable storage space convenient and efficient.

Hereʼs your chance to really organize some of the smaller but plentiful items you store like canned goods, bottles or spices. And the configurations are virtually endless with levels that are easily adjustable up or down!

Our Towers can also be custom made for cabinets with openings as wide as 24" for conveniently storing all those bulky appliances like steamers, blenders and juicers. And depending on your door hinges and style, item access can be from the top and both sides once fully extended.

The Multi-Tier Tower installs in minutes to the cabinet base with just a screwdriver (install template provided).

The tower utilizes full extension steel ball bearing rails rated for 100 lbs. and feature wood construction fabricated with the same materials used to build quality cabinets.

You will be thrilled with the durable easy-to-clean shelf levels and wrap-around 7 ply Baltic birch sides. They feature a tough UV cured clear poly-urethane finish.

The Multi-Tier Towers require interior cabinet space that is totally clear of any obstacles such as gas or electrical lines, protruding outlets or plumbing. Measurements will include clear opening width, height and interior depth of cabinet interior space1 with the following limits:

� Minimum width - 6 inches
� Maximum width - 24 inches

� Minimum width - 6 inches
� Maximum width - 12 inches

� Minimum interior depth - 18 inches
� Maximum interior depth - 24 inches
� Minimum height from flush floor of cabinet to    top/frame of cabinet opening - 18 inches
� Maximum height (same condition) - 24 inches
   - opening height can be taller, but tower height is 24� max

Please note -
1 Adjustments in width measurements may be necessary depending on hinge style and location.

The Slide-A-Shelf 2 Tier Tower is for 'ʻlow profile'ʼ applications that are typically single door cabinets below counters with a drawer just above the cabinet doors. (Please review the Dimension Specifications for limitations.)

For 'high profile' cabinet openings that run from just above floor level to under the counter top, typically with no drawer, our 3 Tier Tower is ideal with a 24 inch maximum height.

Although common in kitchens, our customers report also installing them in entertainment centers (great for CDʼs and DVDʼs), laundry rooms and bathrooms.

In some cases existing fixed or adjustable shelving must be removed to make room for the tower. For permanent shelving construction, be prepared to saw and break existing shelf into pieces for removal.

The Multi-Tier Towers use glide rail systems that are easily secured to the flat floor of your cabinet(s). You will need to be careful when measuring to be certain you have the proper clearances.

High Profile Unit
* At any time, an additional level option can be purchased for the 12 inch wide and under multi-tier towers for $30 (see Upgrades)

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