Made-To-Fit Slide-out Shelves


Full Extension Slide-out $99.00*
(all sizes include shipping)

The Slide-A-Shelf made-to-fit slide-out shelf will help you get your existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets organized for life.

Slide-outs are made to your cabinet(s) clear opening width and interior depth and are perfect for kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, laundry, linen cabinets and much more. They install in minutes to the cabinet base or existing full shelf with just a screwdriver (install template provided).

The shelf utilizes full extension steel ball bearing rails rated for 100 lbs. and feature wood construction fabricated with the same materials used to build quality cabinets. You can even choose from four solid wood fronts to complement your cabinets and/or decor. (Oak, Maple, Poplar, Birch)

You will be thrilled with the durable easy-to-clean shelf base and tapered, wrap-around 7 ply Baltic birch sides. They are the industryʼs tallest for a standard shelf and have a tough UV cured poly-urethane finish.

Made-to-fit slide-outs are manufactured in 1/8� increments1 for cabinet clear openings2 with the following limits:

� Minimum width - 6 inches
� Maximum width - 36 inches
� Minimum interior depth - 16¾ inches
� Maximum interior depth - 24 inches

Please note -
1 For the depth you will provide us with the exact clear measurement also to the nearest 1/8 inch however we will manufacture to the most optimum 1 inch increment to maximize rail length and shelf extension.
2 We do not require the height measurement of your cabinet openings for slide-out shelves however, be aware you will need a minimum of 7 inches to use even the smallest screwdriver for installation.

Our custom retrofit shelves are ideal for just about any cabinet in your home, garage and office. (Please review the Dimension Specifications for limitations.)

The Slide-A-Shelf product uses glide rail systems that are easily secured to the flat floor of your cabinet(s) and/or to any existing full shelf you currently store items on.

If no shelf exists to secure to or you have an existing �half shelf,� you have three options:

1. Measure the interior wall-to-wall, front-to-back space and have your local home center cut some shelving material to be secured in place prior to installing the slide-out. (RECOMMENDED)

2. Perform what is referred to as a wall or side mounting of our slide-out by �furring� out and/or �shimming� the side walls to be flush with the opening, thus allowing the rails to be secured to the interior walls vs. the existing shelf. (ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR SKILLED CARPENTERS)

3. Consider purchasing a Slide-A-Shelf Specialty Item, Multi-Tiered Tower (2 or 3 level) or Double Dek™ unit.

Slide-A-Shelf Features
*Upgrade to the new soft-close rail system for $20 more.

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