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Double DekTM System  $209.00
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New from Slide-A-Shelf our innovative Double DekTM System integrates a unique retractible second level, providing not only additional surface storage space but convenient access to the compartment below. If you really want maximum convenience and have the necessary vertical clearance hereʼs a great solution available only from Slide-A-Shelf.

With storage space a premium in most homes the creative Double DekTM System can be made-to-fit your specific cabinet scenario. The adjustable height settings of the second level add to the flexibility you may need.

This unit installs in minutes to the cabinet base or existing full shelf with just a screwdriver (install template provided).

It will give you the perfect place to store low profile items that can often be challenging to store and pan lids, spice bottles, cookie sheets, etc.

The system utilizes two sets of full extension steel ball bearing rails rated for 100 lbs. and feature wood construction fabricated with the same materials used to build quality cabinets.

Finally, you can also select the solid wood fronts from four different wood species to complement your cabinets or decor.

Double DekTM units require interior cabinet space that is totally clear of any obstacles such as gas or electrical lines, protruding outlets or plumbing. Measurements will include clear opening width, height and interior depth of cabinet/compartment interior space1 with the following limits:

� Minimum width - 12 inches
� Maximum width - 24 inches
� Minimum interior depth - 16¾ inches
� Maximum interior depth - 24 inches
� Minimum height from flush floor of cabinet or existing       shelf to shelf above or top/frame of cabinet opening -   12 inches
� Maximum height (same criteria) - 16 inches
  *opening height can be taller, but tower height w/b 16� max

Please note -
1 Adjustments in width measurements may be necessary depending on hinge style and location.

The Slide-A-Shelf Double DekTM System is designed for use primarily in kitchen base cabinets and tall pantry cabinets where distance between existing shelves is too much and vertical space is wasted. (Not advised for overhead use, please review the Dimension Specifications for limitations.)

Although common for pantries, if you have a base cabinet that is missing existing shelving or the existing shelves are adjustable (i.e. on pegs), the Double DekTM system can be an ideal storage solution by providing an additional level of storage and easy access via the retractible and adjustable shelf feature. It can be set for low profile items or used as a separate storage compartment, vertical space permitting.

In some cases existing fixed or adjustable shelving must be removed or moved up or down to make room for the unit. For permanent shelving construction, be prepared to saw and break existing shelf into pieces for removal.

You will need to be careful when measuring to be certain you have the proper clearances. Carefully review our measuring guidelines for this product.

Double Dek

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