Our slide-out shelves and organizers are designed for heavy-duty operation with consideration for ease-of-use ergonomics.

The exclusive front tapered design of our shelves allows you to open your cabinet door and easily see the contents of each shelf.  (The labels on cans, in the case of a pantry, are visible without having to extend the shelf and lift the item.) When sliding your shelf forward…the tendency is for stored items to shift backwards, therefore the tapered sides connect with the tall back.  Items stored in the back of the shelf/cabinet are stable and now come to within easy reach at the front of your cabinet.

Because your slide-out shelves and specialty organizers are made specifically to the dimensions of your cabinets, the wood craftsmanship is largely by hand…with attention to critical details.

The structural front and back of each slide-out gives the shelf lateral strength that significantly exceeds the weight specifications of the rails.  They feature dado cut joinery and are glued and nailed the full length. Loading items proportionately on the organizer you can store up to the maximum capacity of 100 lbs. including the weight of the organizer itself. Remember, the base of each slide-out level is NOT an 1/8” or 1/4” panel…but a full 1/2” thick shelving material.

The cosmetic front on our slide-out shelves is your choice of solid wood (see Materials).  We know of no other national company that offers made-to-fit custom slide-out shelves with solid wood fronts.

The gradual tapered sides of each standard shelf secure to an overall shelf height of just under four inches and are non-load bearing.  Our standard sides are the tallest in the industry and serve to keep items from falling off the right or left side of the shelf.  They attach in seconds and are screwed secure at 3 points each.  Many customers have declared our product to be the best design they have seen on the market.

All of our slide-out cabinet organizers are made-to-fit your specific cabinet opening dimensions to minimize the wasted storage space that typically results from fixed-dimension organizers.

With Slide-A Shelf getting and staying organized has never been so easy!

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